Response Masters will ensure your crisis management plan, training, and equipment is ideally matched to your organization’s specific needs, requirements, and budget.

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Choose Response Masters, because your response, matters.

The world is a dangerous place.

Maybe more dangerous than you know or are prepared to handle.

160 active shooter incidents occurred between 2000-2013 for an average of 11.4 per year. In each of the years 2014 and 2015, there were 20 active shooter incidents. In the 160 incidents, there were 1,043 casualties; 486 killed, and 557 wounded. Response Masters will prepare your organization for active shooter incidents as well as a variety of other casualty causing incidents. A person can bleed to death in 3-4 minutes. Life saving measures can be easily applied with the right training and the right equipment. Don’t allow a crisis to end in the loss of a life that could have been saved.

*  Insurance discounts: Having a custom crisis management plan, training, and proper safety equipment on hand may reduce your insurance rate. Check with your insurance company for more details.

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My experience with Response Masters has been a pleasant one. I explained to these guys what my security concerns were for my church, and they responded accordingly. They were friendly, courteous, and patient. David highlighted some concerns that we had not even considered. Our leadership has been impressed with the detail, and viability of the plan that has been prepared for us. It was concise, straightforward, and simple. Because of the help Response Masters has provided us with, I would recommend this company to anyone considering any sort of security concerns for their organization.
Pastor Chuck CopelandHosanna Worship CenterDickerson, Maryland